27 Feb 2010

Pictures From An Exhibition

I'm currently willing my first beard into growth and getting fit as a flea for my dance world debut at Sadler's Wells in April. The show will be my third collaboration with Dan Kramer. It's all about Modest Mussorgsky, the Russian composer, drunkard and romantic. (Mussorgsky wiki).

It's Directed by Dan, choreographed by Frauke Requardt and the text is by the poet James Fenton.

Click here for the Sadler's Wells website.

26 Feb 2010

Metamorphosis Wraps

Shooting for Kafka's Metamorphosis has now wrapped. Here's a picture I took on our last full day of shooting (taken moments before I ruined a take by giggling at Maureen). In the picture you have Maureen Lipman, Robert Pugh and Laura Rees - the Samsa Family.

I'll be doing some voice over for the film later in the year then my work here is done.