24 Mar 2010

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Rehearsals for "Pictures" begin on Monday - wish us all luck!

In the interim, some of you have asked for more photo's, so I've taken a walk down memory lane and picked a few choice shots to post here.

We begin almost at the beginning...

The photo above was taken on my second ever stage appearance. My first stage appearance was Tweedle-Dee (I refused to be Dum) in Alice in Wonderland at Grange Junior School - as far as I know no photo's of that exist.

I was playing Knuckles in "Bugsy Malone" at Kingsdown School. It's a role which, as you probably know, requires the regular and on demand cracking of bones in the hand (a handy trick for future Knuckles; crack small pieces of bubble wrap instead of the real thing. It creates an echoing, too-true sound without leaving a deposit in the arthritis bank for future years). The costume was donated by my dad, from his old work suits, and the moustache was cunningly created using a make-up pencil.

2 Mar 2010

Dressing Room Riehl

Here's a photo that the lovely Canadian photographer Logan Riehl took one night before a performance of Prick Up Your Ears.

He's doing a whole series of actor-in-their-dressing-room type pics which you can see here www.loganriehl.com. They're a treasure trove of recent theatrical delights.